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Gerrards Cross Landscape Design

Bucks Landscaping & Property were hired to design and construct a statement Mediterranean inspired patio measuring over 150 square metres. For such a large outdoor space we incorporated three patio designs: a floating ivory porcelain pathway leading to a wood effect porcelain patio, that flowed from the back doors of the house in-keeping with the client's internal wooden flooring. This was used as a dining area and living space. The final ivory porcelain patio was positioned beside the wood effect style to neatly tie together the total area. 

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A timber sleeper retaining wall was constructed with a large stairway as the centrepiece leading to the lawn above with carefully chosen evergreen shrubs which will flourish year round and bloom throughout the warmer months offering a peaceful perimeter to the patio area below. The timber matched very well to the porcelain tiles.

With Cotswold gravel matching the patio colouring, this separated each patio design and was inspired from Mediterranean spaces where gravel is frequently seen on patios and courtyards enhancing the outdoor space. 

Finally, the floating pathway was laid to lead to a sunken fire pit seating area built bespoke into the frame of the sleeper wall. Capable of seating 20 adults making an intimate yet spacious entertaining area perfect for spending time year round. 

With lighting added, the client was left with a beautiful outside space - the 'jewel in the crown' to their family residence in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.


Wood Effect Porcelain Patio

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Ivory Porcelain


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Floating Effect Ivory Porcelain Patio


Planting & Gravel Design


Sunken Fire Pit Seating Area


Sleeper Steps & Walls

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